My Winter Essentials

Northeastern Pennsylvania is a difficult place to be right now. You want to know why? POLAR VORTEX.

For the past 3 weeks it has been snowing and sleeting and hailing at random and it has been so bitterly cold that nothing has melted! We have at least 4 feet of snow in any given direction which is layered in between with ice. It is the worst winter I have ever seen! But thankfully, the weather channel said it would be stopping this week. So I woke up happy this morning, expecting the sun to come out and start melting the snow. What I did not expect was for it to be simultaneously hailing and sleeting. It is nearly impossible to walk outside right now!

This inspired me to do a post about what has been getting me through the winter. Since it has been extremely harsh in more way than one, I have a whole bunch of products that have been keeping me warm, healthy, and moisturized:

My Winter Essentials

1) Lacrosse Boots – I have barely been able to wear anything but these boots around campus. With the snow and ice covering every surface, these boots have great traction and help me get where I need to be without having an unexpected meeting with the ground.

2) Aveeno Daily Moisturizer with SPF 30 – I definitely believe in wearing sunscreen everyday, so I love that this daily moisturizer has SPF in it. I apply this before applying makeup every morning to keep my face soft and protected from the harsh winds.

3) Regis Designline Silk Drops – With all the wind we have been having and with my hair constantly freezing and unfreezing as I go from place to place, my hair tends to get quite frizzy. These silk drops really help to tame my frizz. Plus the formula smells fantastic!

4) Legwarmers – These are an easy way to stay fashionable and warm. Since I have to sacrifice wearing my favorite shoes because of the weather, I figure I may as well change it up every once in a while by wearing these. I have 3 super comfy pairs and haven’t left my room without them in about 3 weeks 😀

5) Airborne – I would argue that this is the most important item on this list. I have already been sick with the flu this school semester and with germs flying around from drastic temperature changes I am trying to do everything possible to not get sick again! I use at least one tablet of airborne a day in a cup of water to keep my immune system up and running.

6) The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Lotion – This body butter is extremely moisturizing and is perfect for preventing my hands from cracking. I apply this every time before leaving my room and my hands are still soft and smooth.

7) Vaseline – I have always loved using Vaseline as lip gloss but I have been layering it on every time I even think about stepping outside. My lips get dried out SO easily, especially during the winter. So this is definitely a major staple for me.

What are some of your winter essentials?

I hope you enjoyed today’s post! I will be posting about my fall break in Mallorca sometime tomorrow so look out for that! Hope everyone has a great Wednesday!

xoxo Kristen


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