Apologies and Updates

Hey guys! I am so sorry for hardly posting this week! I really underestimated how busy I would be! I decided to pack ‘everything’ on Wednesday. Which means I packed what I thought was everything until I realized that I still needed 10 more things lol. Then I went up early in the morning to visit Muhlenberg, my college, to visit one of my best friends, Liz. She is going to be studying abroad in Arezzo in the spring so I wanted to make sure I saw her before I leave in case I don’t get to see her over Christmas break. I had intended on taking pictures, but we got so caught up I completely forgot! Then I had to empty my storage unit and bring everything home (no reason to be charged while I am away and no one is occupying my room at home!). Then on Friday my dad officially retired after 43 long years of work (congrats dad!), so my mom and I spent all day planning something special for him. Today I went out to get my hair trimmed and my nails done and get anything else I needed. So here I am, at 1 am, still not fully packed. And tomorrow is my last day home!

I am planning on spending tomorrow finishing up packing in the morning, cleaning my room, and then curling up on the couch with a big bowl of popcorn, a blanket and my pajamas watching Life of Pi and Silver Lining’s Playbook with my mom and dad. Sounds like a great last day to me 😀

I still can’t believe that in 2 days I will be well on my way to Italy!!! I will be sure to update you all with a quick post at the airport before I leave. Also, I might try to get in my 2nd packing post tomorrow. I can’t make any promises because for all I know I will realize that I forgot something major at the last second haha. But I promise I will try! I hope you all enjoyed reading!

xoxo Kristen


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