Arrivederci e buona fortuna!

Yesterday and today have been so long and exciting! Yesterday, my sister just wanted to spend the day relaxing and finishing up the everlasting packing process. In other words, she didn’t want to make a big deal out of her leaving. So her last day was full of The Big Bang Theory, bad youtube videos, singing (and harmonizing to) The Cup Song, barbecuing and sobbing at random haha. Which is basically like any old Sunday here in the Sehn family household, minus the sobbing ๐Ÿ˜›

Since my mom and I are worriers, we were anticipating the worst for today as far as traffic was concerned since she was leaving from JFK. But despite our worrying, it went very well! We barely caught any traffic and we arrived with 2 hours to spare! Meaning we got to spend some extra quality time with Kim before she met up with her flight buddy and roommate and went through security. Even though seeing her leave was hard, I am very excited for her! By now she is 5 1/2 hours into her flight! I am looking so forward to hearing from her when she lands!

Since today was such a big day for Kim (first time out of the country and first time on a plane!) I naturally took about 50-60 pictures documenting her experience ๐Ÿ˜› Here are just a few of them:


On the way to JFK

On the way to JFK

Kim and her bright luggage :D

Kim and her bright luggage ๐Ÿ˜€

Family picture right before she went through security

Family picture right before she went through security

Today was definitely bittersweet, but I am SO excited for Kim!!!!! I can’t wait for her to land and start her adventure! I also can’t believe that in just a week I will be in Italy myself!!! Seeing her go and realizing that I will be in her shoes so soon feels completely surreal. At least I have a few more days to wrap my head around it and to prepare myself for my awesome journey ๐Ÿ˜€

I will try to post whenever possible this week, and will definitely put up my second packing post. After the first packing post, I put up my Liebster Award posts and then was too busy helping Kim pack to finish my own packing. But now there is nothing stopping me! So look out for that post and any other updates I have leading up to my departure!

Hope all of you are having a fabulous week! Thanks for reading!

xoxo Kristen



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