T.J. Maxx Haul!

Yesterday, I went out with my sister to help her get whatever else she needs to go abroad (she leaves in 5 days!). In our attempt to find her a universal adapter, we found ourselves in T.J. Maxx. And they were having a HUGE clearance sale!!!! Although I didn’t buy a ton since I am still saving up for Italy, here is what I scored from the sale:

001  002                                               004  003

Each pair of heels were just $7! One is Nine West and the other is Tommy Hilfiger. Unfortunately I won’t be able to use them until I get back from abroad since they are both heeled 😦 But they are still super cute!

The first bathing suit is Juicy Couture and was $23 and the second is a MiracleSuit which I bought for just $20! And, as I advertised a few days ago, I am really loving one piece bathing suits right now, so these two were great finds!

One more thing I bought that I figured I would share with you all is the Not Your Mother’s Texturizing Sea Salt Spray I bought at Ulta. I have heard is really good and costs less than $6. I haven’t tried it yet, but it smells incredible!


That’s all for today since I have to help my sister with some more stuff for study abroad! Thanks for reading!

xoxo Kristen


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