Although I usually buy clothes in store as opposed to online, that might have to change when I get back from abroad! Today I discovered an online store that I absolutely love called!

When you first sign up, they have a style quiz so they can generate clothes that you would be most likely to buy. Then they give you a choice of over 200 designers that you would like to appear in your feed (you are not limited to a certain number of designers). Finally, you can go to your customized feed of gorgeous clothes and accessories all put together in one online mall! It is incredible! When you pick on something that you like, you can either click for more info and be redirected to the designers’ site or you can click to buy it right from Also, whenever you buy something, you earn Mallzee’s dollars to use towards your next purchase at!

My favorite feature is the personal wardrobe! When you click on something that you love but either don’t want to buy right that second or don’t know if you want, you can save it by adding it to your wardrobe. In your wardrobe, you will get tips on what to pair each item with. It is really quite exciting 🙂

Lastly, you can have friends on Mallzee! You can get friends by connecting on facebook or by inviting them through email. There is even an option to ask your friends’ opinion on whether or not you should buy something. This is another cool feature of the website.

If I wasn’t going abroad, I probably would have bought something by now 😛 For anyone who loves to shop online or who just loves to shop, I definitely recommend checking this site out! If you do, you can feel free to friend me by email at! You can also check out Mallzee’s blog here.

Happy shopping!

xoxo Kristen


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