Back on Track

think healthy thoughts

This summer, I made it a goal for myself to work out and get healthy. I was a health freak and exercise lover in high school, but kind of fell off track once I got to college. I still love to exercise, but during school I often feel like I don’t have the time. And as far as eating healthy is concerned, I was still eating healthy in school, but was stress eating while doing late night assignments and mindlessly eating just about every other time I was in my room working.

I started off the summer really nicely, exercising every morning and eating very healthy, but then ended up bruising the bone in the heel of my right foot by early July. For all of July I wasn’t exercising as often because I needed my foot to heal properly. After all, I am headed to a very physical study abroad program. And then once I stopped exercising, I started stressing about study abroad and the late night snacking started again.

It can happen to anyone, but I decided yesterday that I didn’t want it to happen to me anymore. My foot is now completely healed and I am ready to get back on track! With less than 3 weeks to go until I go abroad I am completely ready to work hard to be my best self when I get there and to continue to stay healthy when I am there. ๐Ÿ™‚

For everyone on a journey to fitness or health, just remember that there will be bumps in the road but that you can always overcome them to reach your goals! Never give up!


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