Preparations for Italy!

I can’t believe that in a month I will be leaving to spend an entire semester in the heart of Tuscany! I could not be more excited right now! I will be studying at the Accademia dell’Arte, an intensive physical theater (or Commedia dell’Arte) conservatory in Arezzo, Italy. I have always enjoyed theater and although it is a secondary major for me, I thought that this abroad program would be a great, fun experience for me! I will get the opportunity to work with masters from all across Europe, make my own leather mask and so much more! What I love most about the program is that it focuses not just on physical theater, but on overall creative expression. I appreciate many different forms of art and creativity, so I am really looking forward to the chance to get super creative!

Right in the heart of Tuscany <3

The Accademia dell’Arte, right in the heart of the Tuscany!!!

Another thing I will have to get creative about is my wardrobe. As a self-proclaimed fashionista, I knew that the hardest part about study abroad would be packing. But not only do I have to limit my wardrobe options, but I also have to pack an absurd number of movement clothes, meaning less space for REAL CLOTHES!!! All the sweatpants and t-shirts I normally reserve for the gym will be essential in all of my physical theater classes… :/ I have sought help from people who have gone to the program before me, friends who have visited Tuscany and my twin sister, Kim, who will also be studying abroad. From them I have compiled some great tips that will definitely come in handy. As far as wardrobe is concerned, I have a few tips of my own that I have come up with after years of road trips with my family.

I will be posting soon about my tips on essentials to take abroad and wardrobe packing tips, as well as a checklist for travel preparation. If you have any questions feel free to shoot me an email!




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