4th, 5th and 6th Liebster Awards!


So Kim from Eau D’Espresso, Sarah from Little Black Booties and stylEmie nominated me for Liebster Awards. Which makes 6! I decided to include all of them in one post to make it easier and somewhat shorter lol. Thanks again to everyone who nominated me!

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Versatile Blogger Award

Hey guys! Recently I got nominated three more times for the Liebster Award and twice for the Versatile Blogger Award. This post will be focused on the Versatile Blogger Awards:


I was recently nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by Katie of myclosetnbeautyfinds and Niki from Colour Me Niki!  I want to thank them for the nominations! Everyone should go check out their blogs!


  1. Display the Award Certificate on your blog
  2. Announce your win with a post and thank the blogger who nominated you.
  3. Present 15 deserving bloggers with the award.
  4. Link your nominees in the post and let them know of their nomination with a comment.
  5. Post 7 interesting things about yourself


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Little Black Booties
Myas Musings
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All Eyes On Fashion
Glitter and Cool
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Not So Vague Vogue
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7 Facts About Me:

  1. I have never been on a plane or been out of the country. Although both of those things are going to change in just 4 short days!!!
  2. I absolutely love to sing, especially when I am harmonizing with my sister! We know harmonies for just about every song on the radio! And we frequently make 10 part mashups with random songs that we couldn’t even dream of recording with the crappy software we have on our computers lol
  3. Although I would consider myself a healthy eater, I am also an extremely picky eater. I hate all condiments, blueberries, avocado, cilantro, anything spicy, all mexican and indian food, and a bunch of other stuff.
  4. I am obsessed with making lists. I make lists of what lists I have to make. I cannot go a day without making a list. I made a 10 page long ‘Masterlist’ complete with topical index of everything I am taking with me to Italy. Yup, it’s that bad lol. Overall, I am just an organization addict!
  5. I have a love affair with peanut butter. I could eat nothing else all day but a jar of Jif Natural Creamy Peanut Butter if I knew I wouldn’t gain 10 pounds haha. Still trying to come to the realization that it is very hard to find it in most areas of Europe…
  6. Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl is my idol . ‘Nuff said
  7. I have never had a boyfriend. Unfortunate but true 😛

Thanks again to Niki and Katie for the nominations! I will hopefully be getting my Liebster Award post up soon. Thanks for reading!

xoxo Kristen

Arrivederci e buona fortuna!

Yesterday and today have been so long and exciting! Yesterday, my sister just wanted to spend the day relaxing and finishing up the everlasting packing process. In other words, she didn’t want to make a big deal out of her leaving. So her last day was full of The Big Bang Theory, bad youtube videos, singing (and harmonizing to) The Cup Song, barbecuing and sobbing at random haha. Which is basically like any old Sunday here in the Sehn family household, minus the sobbing 😛

Since my mom and I are worriers, we were anticipating the worst for today as far as traffic was concerned since she was leaving from JFK. But despite our worrying, it went very well! We barely caught any traffic and we arrived with 2 hours to spare! Meaning we got to spend some extra quality time with Kim before she met up with her flight buddy and roommate and went through security. Even though seeing her leave was hard, I am very excited for her! By now she is 5 1/2 hours into her flight! I am looking so forward to hearing from her when she lands!

Since today was such a big day for Kim (first time out of the country and first time on a plane!) I naturally took about 50-60 pictures documenting her experience 😛 Here are just a few of them:


On the way to JFK

On the way to JFK

Kim and her bright luggage :D

Kim and her bright luggage 😀

Family picture right before she went through security

Family picture right before she went through security

Today was definitely bittersweet, but I am SO excited for Kim!!!!! I can’t wait for her to land and start her adventure! I also can’t believe that in just a week I will be in Italy myself!!! Seeing her go and realizing that I will be in her shoes so soon feels completely surreal. At least I have a few more days to wrap my head around it and to prepare myself for my awesome journey 😀

I will try to post whenever possible this week, and will definitely put up my second packing post. After the first packing post, I put up my Liebster Award posts and then was too busy helping Kim pack to finish my own packing. But now there is nothing stopping me! So look out for that post and any other updates I have leading up to my departure!

Hope all of you are having a fabulous week! Thanks for reading!

xoxo Kristen


Kim’s Last Day!

Hey everyone! Just thought I would do a quick update today. The wedding yesterday was beautiful! My sister and I sang and it went over really well. We got a lot of compliments afterword, which was great! But by far the best part was seeing the bride, one of my friends from high school, walking down the aisle with a huge grin, tears rolling down her face. She reduced everyone to tears as soon as she walked in! She looked absolutely gorgeous! I just LOVE weddings!!! I wish I had pictures to show you all, but when I tried to take a picture with my camera, it died…. :/ Very disappointing but still a great experience overall!

I won’t have a big post today or tomorrow because today is my sister’s last day home. She leaves for Italy tomorrow! I am so excited for her and ecstatic to be in Italy myself in just 8 more days! We are going to different programs so I probably won’t see her often, but I am sure that we will both have amazing experiences.

I am completely prepared to leave at 8:30 tomorrow morning (with new batteries in my camera!) to go to the airport to see her off. But for now, I am looking forward to spend her last day playing Monopoly with her, watching bad movies and Will and Grace, eating her favorite foods and helping her pack whatever else she needs. I will update you all about her departure on Tuesday!

Thank you all for reading!

xoxo Kristen

P.S. Thank you to the three other people who have nominated me for the Liebster Award! That makes 6 now! I have been so busy that I have not gotten to answer the questions yet, but I should have them up by Tuesday or Wednesday. Thanks again!

Sunshine on a Rainy Day


005 (2)

004 (2)



Today started out very rainy and gloomy. Before I got dressed, I had the idea to match my outfit to my favorite umbrella. It has the New York Skyline along the edge of it! It always reminds me of how much I would love to live there one day 😀 To complement the black and gray tones of the umbrella, I chose a black and gray printed shift dress. To give the outfit a little bit of color, I paired the dress with a black and pink floral pencil skirt, then brought out the pink in my lips and shoes.

By the time I was about to leave the house with my sister, I realized the sun had come up! As happy as I was that the gloomy weather was gone, I hated leaving my umbrella behind. Depsite the weather, I decided to take some pictures with the umbrella 😛

Today will be dedicated to helping my sister pack some more and getting her anything else she may need, as well as practicing songs for a friend’s wedding my sister and I were asked to sing for. It is 2 days before she leaves, but we couldn’t refuse! Hopefully I will have some pics of that for all of you on Saturday after the ceremony!

Thanks again for reading!

xoxo Kristen

Dress – Divided for Target (from Plato’s Closet)

Skirt – Target

Shoes – Rampage

Purse – Steve Madden (from T.J. Maxx)

Sunglasses – Van Heusen

T.J. Maxx Haul!

Yesterday, I went out with my sister to help her get whatever else she needs to go abroad (she leaves in 5 days!). In our attempt to find her a universal adapter, we found ourselves in T.J. Maxx. And they were having a HUGE clearance sale!!!! Although I didn’t buy a ton since I am still saving up for Italy, here is what I scored from the sale:

001  002                                               004  003

Each pair of heels were just $7! One is Nine West and the other is Tommy Hilfiger. Unfortunately I won’t be able to use them until I get back from abroad since they are both heeled 😦 But they are still super cute!

The first bathing suit is Juicy Couture and was $23 and the second is a MiracleSuit which I bought for just $20! And, as I advertised a few days ago, I am really loving one piece bathing suits right now, so these two were great finds!

One more thing I bought that I figured I would share with you all is the Not Your Mother’s Texturizing Sea Salt Spray I bought at Ulta. I have heard is really good and costs less than $6. I haven’t tried it yet, but it smells incredible!


That’s all for today since I have to help my sister with some more stuff for study abroad! Thanks for reading!

xoxo Kristen


Although I usually buy clothes in store as opposed to online, that might have to change when I get back from abroad! Today I discovered an online store that I absolutely love called Mallzee.com!

When you first sign up, they have a style quiz so they can generate clothes that you would be most likely to buy. Then they give you a choice of over 200 designers that you would like to appear in your feed (you are not limited to a certain number of designers). Finally, you can go to your customized feed of gorgeous clothes and accessories all put together in one online mall! It is incredible! When you pick on something that you like, you can either click for more info and be redirected to the designers’ site or you can click to buy it right from Mallzee.com. Also, whenever you buy something, you earn Mallzee’s dollars to use towards your next purchase at Mallzee.com!

My favorite feature is the personal wardrobe! When you click on something that you love but either don’t want to buy right that second or don’t know if you want, you can save it by adding it to your wardrobe. In your wardrobe, you will get tips on what to pair each item with. It is really quite exciting 🙂

Lastly, you can have friends on Mallzee! You can get friends by connecting on facebook or by inviting them through email. There is even an option to ask your friends’ opinion on whether or not you should buy something. This is another cool feature of the website.


If I wasn’t going abroad, I probably would have bought something by now 😛 For anyone who loves to shop online or who just loves to shop, I definitely recommend checking this site out! If you do, you can feel free to friend me by email at kristen.m.sehn@gmail.com! You can also check out Mallzee’s blog here.

Happy shopping!

xoxo Kristen

Third Liebster Nomination!


Thank you to Katarina at All Eyes on Fashion for my third nomination! I am absolutely thrilled 😀

The Liebster award is given to up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. The word “Liebster” is German for favorite, beloved, or dearest.

Here are the rules for the Liebster Award:

1. Each nominee must link back the person who nominated them.

2. Answer the 10 questions which are given to you by the nominator.

3. Nominate 10 other bloggers for this award who have less than 200 followers.

4. Create 10 questions for your nominees to answer.

5. Let the nominees know that they have been nominated by going to their blog and notifying them.

Here are the questions I was asked to answer:

Q #1:  Who knows you the best?

My twin sister! I feel like she is the answer to so many questions that have been asked 😛

Q #2: What’s your dream location spot?

I would love to live either in Los Angeles  or NYC!

Q #3: What are the 5 things you must bring on a vacation?

1) Sunscreen – although my mom is Brazilian, I got my dad’s German skin. I will burn in 10 seconds without sunscreen!

2) Coverup / Dress – I always find it useful to have a coverup that I can also use as a dress. That way I can get more use out of it 🙂 (I know this would only apply to someplace warm, but I would most likely not be caught dead vacationing in a cold place! I hate cold weather)

3) Lots of Jewelry – To avoid packing too much, I like to take a lot of jewelry to help me change up my look

4) The Body Shop lotion – Whenever I go on vacation, I always walk a lot! So I always make sure to bring lotion for my tired feet!

5) Peace of mind – I tend to carry a lot of stress with me wherever I go, so I really make an effort to let all of that melt away when I am on vacation

Q #4: Do you like ombre hair and would you consider trying it?

I like the way it looks on other people, but I don’t think I would ever try it. I have never actually done anything to my hair other than cut and angle the front. I have my mom’s thick, brazilian hair and I get natural highlights every summer and winter, so I am pretty happy with it the way it is!

Q #5: How do you like new trend on nails- art or not?

I personally love nail art! I have been experimenting with it a lot recently since I love getting crafty with nails 😛

Q #6: Who’s the style icon for you?

Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl, hands down. She is my two favorite style icons (Coco Chanel and Audrey Hepburn) put together plus a little something extra. She is just fabulous!

Q #7: What is the best outfit for the first date?

I would say either a flirty dress with flats or a mid-size heel or jeans with high heels and a nice blouse. Try not make it too sexy. After all, it is just the first date!

Q #8: What was the reason you started a blog? 

I wanted to not only share my travel experience during my abroad adventures, but share my personal style. Especially after going to a school where I had to wear a uniform from kindergarten to 12th grade, it is so great to embrace it! Even after 2 years of college I still find myself thinking from time to time how glad I am the I am no longer defined by a uniform 😛

Q #9: What book would be your must summer read?

This summer it was Lord of the Rings 😀 I love a good fantasy novel!

Q #10: What is the best advice someone gave you?

To always be myself, and not worry what others think. My mom always made it a point to stress this to me growing up. This helped me to gain confidence in myself AND my style!

Now, I will nominate:

1) Blushing Beauty

2) Mollie’s Pretty World

3) Melissa’s World

4) Mint Sunday

5) Joanna Loves

6) Line of Style

7) Jinelle Loves

8) The Rascally Rabbit

9) Enza Essentials

10) Rubenesque 

*I apologize if some of you have more than 200 followers. Some of the blogs didn’t have a number of followers listed on the blog so I went off of wordpress and bloglovin’

And here are the questions I would like you to answer:

1) What is your must have beauty product?

2) Lipstick or eyeshadow? If you could only wear one, which would it be?

3) Coffee or Tea (or neither?)

4) Who is your fashion icon?

5) What was your must have read for the summer?

6) What is the best vacation you have ever taken?

7) Do you have any secret talents? If so, what are they?

8) Who is the most important person in your life?

9) Who is your favorite designer?

10)  Fashion or beauty: which is more important to you?


Thank you again Katarina! Hope everyone enjoyed reading!

xoxo Kristen